Process Technologies

Hydrogen & Synthesis Gas Production

Having designed more than 200 hydrogen and syngas plants around the world, Lummus Technology’s expertise covers the entire range of equipment and technologies for hydrogen and synthesis gas production. Our process selection is project-specific based upon feedstock availability, desired product mix, product purity and capacity requirements. 

Hydrogen Generation

As a leading supplier of hydrogen plants for refinery, petrochemical and other industrial applications, we design and build hydrogen plants that utilize steam-methane reforming (SMR), steam/oxygen reforming (SMR/O2R) or auto-thermal reforming (ATR) technology with natural gas, LPG or naphtha feedstocks. We also provide plants that utilize partial oxidation (POX) technology with natural gas, naphtha or heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks. 
Over the past 50 years, we've designed and built more than 200 plants around the world that range in capacity from less than one million standard cubic feet per day to 237 million standard cubic feet per day.

Steam Methane Reformers

Steam methane reforming (SMR) is the most widely utilized technology for producing hydrogen and synthesis gas from natural gas feedstocks. To accommodate a variety of hydrogen and synthesis gas production needs, we offer two proprietary SMR technologies—HYFORMING® and H2Drogen®. Our HYFORMING furnace technology was designed for SMR-type plants with a capacity of more than seven million standard cubic feet per day while our H2Drogen technology is an ideal solution for lower capacity plants. For over 50 years, we have built more than 200 SMR furnaces that produce high-purity gas streams for industrial applications. 

Synthesis Gas Generation

As a leading provider of synthesis gas (syngas) generation plants for refinery and petrochemical applications, for over 50 years we've designed and built plants around the world that produce high-purity hydrogen and carbon monoxide streams. Our syngas solutions include hydrogen/carbon monoxide (HYCO) plants and carbon monoxide (CO) plants that utilize steam methane reforming (SMR), autothermal reforming (ATR) or partial oxidation (POX) technology. For customers requiring pure hydrogen streams, we also design and build hydrogen plants.