Hydrogen & Synthesis Gas Production

Steam Methane Reformers

Steam methane reforming (SMR) is the most widely utilized technology for producing hydrogen and synthesis gas from natural gas feedstocks. Over the past 50 years, Lummus Technology has built more than 200 SMR furnaces that produce high-purity gas streams for industrial applications. 

Innovative SMR technologies

We offer two proprietary SMR technologies—HYFORMING® and H2Drogen®—to accommodate a variety of hydrogen and synthesis gas production needs. Our proprietary HYFORMING furnace technology was designed for SMR-type plants with a capacity of more than seven million standard cubic feet per day. The HYFORMING process utilizes a state-of-the-art down-fired, down-flow, co-current box SMR furnace, providing superior process performance within a robust mechanical environment. 

For lower-capacity plants (up to seven million standard cubic feet per day), we offer our proprietary H2Drogen technology, which utilizes an up-fired, up-flow, co-current cylindrical SMR furnace. H2Drogen technology results in economical, reliable and energy-efficient hydrogen production. 

Design advantages

The co-current flow design of our HYFORMING and H2Drogen technologies offers increased stability, longer reformer life and optimum heat transfer. In addition, both technologies feature simplified outlet header systems, accessible tubes for easy catalyst loading and unloading, natural thermosiphon BFW circulation instead of forced circulation and low NOx burners.