Press Releases

August 26, 2022

Energy, Oil & Gas – Driving the Energy Transition

Lummus was recently featured in Energy, Oil and Gas magazine, with CEO Leon de Bruyn, discussing the company’s recent sustainable accomplishments, including its net zero ethane cracker, an agreement with Braskem for green ethylene and other decarbonization and energy transition activities and milestones.

It has been a year since we last spoke with Leon de Bruyn, President and CEO at Lummus Technology (Lummus), a global leader in developing process technologies that, as the company puts it, make modern life possible.
Modern life is an interesting collocation. At a glance, it describes the present moment; however, probe a little deeper and you can feel the weight of modernity pressing down: industry, technology, and adjoining contemporary crises like climate change.
Lummus seeks to investigate that imposing intersection between modernity and sustainability, focusing on innovative process technologies that support a low or zero carbon future, as well as supplying proprietary equipment, catalysts and digital and lifecycle services to customers in the downstream energy industry. 

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