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January 05, 2023

Lummus Technology’s CEO Discusses Decarbonization Strategies and Technologies Employed in the Energy Transition

Lummus was recently featured in a Euro Petroleum Consultants (EPC) article, with CEO, Leon de Bruyn, sharing his perspective on the decarbonization methodologies shaping the downstream market

EPC:  How can we best reconcile our future environmental commitments with the continued global necessity for hydrocarbons? How do we get the balance right?
Hydrocarbons make modern life possible and we will rely on them well into the future. Weighing environmental commitments with the necessity for hydrocarbons is thus a complex issue with no simple solution. However, I often say chemistry is the best way to reconcile environmental commitments with the global necessity for hydrocarbons. And I mean chemistry beyond just the science and engineering of molecules and hydrocarbons. We need coordinated and comprehensive chemistry between industries, geographies and regions, companies, governments, policymakers and so many more people and organizations. To get the balance right, everyone in the energy value chain needs to produce, transport, capture, store and process hydrocarbons with the lowest possible carbon and other emissions. Lummus is helping get the balance right. We relentlessly focus on developing and commercializing new technology solutions to decarbonise our entire portfolio and improve energy efficiency.

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Source:  Euro Petroleum Consultants Ltd; published Jan 4, 2023