Polypropylene Production

Metallocene Technology

Lummus Technology homopolymer and copolymer grades represent the diversity of our product development, offering new opportunities in both established polypropylene applications and in new market segments. Due to their unique balance of properties, metallocene polymer grades will consolidate and broaden their market presence in high performance applications, which traditionally have been the territory of special conventional polypropylenes and transparent amorphous thermoplastics, i.e., polystyrene, or engineering plastics, i.e., polycarbonate.


Lummus Technology maintains a leading position in polypropylene (PP) metallocene catalyst technology.

Our full suite of metallocene patent rights and our outstanding expertise in the key areas of metallocene technology on a lab-, pilot- and commercial-scale, including synthesis, catalyst production, PP development and PP application, enables us to license and sublicense metallocene technology to all premium polypropylene producers regardless of the process operated.

We are committed to continuing metallocene technology development using the longstanding experience of our metallocene experts and by cooperation with leading companies in this field.

This new technology is offered under the trademark Novocene®.

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