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Polypropylene Products

Lummus Technology's Novolen® technology products meet the market requirements for all general applications to the highest possible standards. Standard grades for injection molding, raffia, fibres, BOPP, cast and tubular quenched film have excellent market reputation or are benchmark grades in their market segments. They offer excellent quality consistency, processing behavior and end-use properties.

Our Novolen gas-phase process has successfully proven its capability of providing a broad spectrum of speciality products with outstanding characteristics, thus rendering the potential for further added value for our licensees and for downstream converting.

Injection Molding

From general purpose injection molding to premium automotive applications, the versatility of the gas-phase process is outstanding. It offers impact copolymers with an outstanding impact/stiffness balance, from very stiff high-flow medium and impact copolymers up to very high-impact grades for reactor thermoplastic polyolefins (TPOs) with an extremely high rubber content—differentiating it from other polypropylene technologies.

Our gas-phase process is able to achieve this product range by using a standard reactor set-up with only two reactors.

Transparency: The new dimension for polypropylene

Our gas-phase process produces clarified random copolymers, random block copolymers, and metallocene to fulfill these requirements. Compared to other processes, the ethylene incorporation is more efficient, resulting in superior product properties, i.e., unsurpassed optical properties.

Transparency and optical quality is a requirement for not only injection molding; it is also important for blow molded and thermoformed articles, especially for packaging and houseware products where high clarity, transparency and gloss are needed.

Pipes – High molecular weight grades to serve the pipe market

Products produced by the Novolen technology gas-phase process are able to cover all molecular weight and flowability requirements. The capability of producing very high molecular-weight polymer, combined with exceptional knowledge in additivation, handling and processing, result in products fulfilling the high standards of pipe applications, e.g., drinking and hot water pipes or underfloor heating systems.


  • Homopolymers, random copolymers, impact copolymers
  • Fractional MFR (0.3–0.9 g/10 min)
  • Long term stabilization (>50 years)
  • Heat resistance (hot water pipes)
  • Mechanical strength
  • Good organoleptic (taste and odor)
  • High internal pressure resistance certified according to ISO 9080 (hydrostatic pressure test)
  • Low specific weight, easy transport and handling

Film – From cast film to high-speed BOPP

High cleanliness, a very low gel count, and high product consistency are essential features for a variety of film applications. High transparency, gloss and easy metallizability are properties you can expect from film grades made from our gas-phase process.

The produced grades process well on high-speed BOPP lines, cast film lines and in water-quenched tubular film extrusion. The ideal combination of high-quality resin and an economic production makes the grades produced by our Novolen gas-phase process preferred in the film market. Terpolymers produced provide high-performance sealing layers with seal initiation temperatures at around 95°C and lower, and excellent hot tack.

Fibers and Textiles – From raffia to high-speed spinning

Commercial success is typically a measurement for the quality of products. For example, grades made by the Novolen technology gas-phase process for carpet yarns are among the best selling in Europe.  Leading machinery suppliers place our produced grades on their reference list as a benchmark.

Our process offers superior flexibility. We can provide high value-added specialty grades, as well as competitively produce a variety of high-volume general-purpose grades.

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