Complementary Technologies (Propylene Production)

Alkylation – CDAlky® / CDAlkyPlus® / AlkyClean®

Alkylate is an excellent, high-octane blending component for motor gasoline, and is well-accepted in the marketplace. Alkylate is made by reacting light olefins, such as butylenes, from typical refinery sources; fluid catalytic cracking units, or from steam cracking units, with isoparaffins, such as isobutane, in the presence of an acidic catalyst.

The Lummus Technology CDAlky® gasoline alkylation technology is an advanced sulfuric acid alkylation process that operates at significantly lower temperatures than conventional technology—below 0°C—which favors the formation of the desired product isomer, trimethylpentane. Side reactions are greatly minimized, which also reduces acid consumption rates appreciably.

The Lummus Technology AlkyClean® gasoline alkylation technology employs a true solid alkylation catalyst. For refiners needing or wanting to avoid liquid acid catalyst altogether, the AlkyClean technology offers such a solution. 

Both technologies have been successfully commercialized.

Gasoline Alkylate Production

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