Gasoline Alkylate Production


The Lummus Technology AlkyClean® gasoline alkylation technology employs a true solid alkylation catalyst. For refiners needing or wanting to avoid liquid acid catalyst altogether, the AlkyClean technology offers such a solution.

The environmentally friendly AlkyClean process was developed by Lummus Technology, Albemarle Catalysts and Neste Oil. It employs a robust zeolite catalyst formulation coupled with a novel reactor processing scheme to yield a high-quality alkylate product. The true solid acid catalyst eliminates corrosive liquid acid use and associated safety concerns; is tolerant to feedstock impurities, changes in feedstock olefin composition, and process upsets (e.g. water spikes); and lowers maintenance and monitoring requirements. The total installed cost of the facility, including OSBL (regeneration facilities, safety installations, etc.), is lower than current liquid-acid processes, as the lack of corrosive acids in the system and the mild operating conditions allow for carbon steel construction. Limited pretreatment and no post treatment result in fewer OSBL equipment pieces.

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