Research and development is a cornerstone of our success and what enables us to create new and extended platforms and improve our technologies. At our three strategically located R&D Centers, our international team of highly-qualified scientists, product experts and laboratory technicians work to improve each aspect of our technology.

Three State-of-the-Art R&D Facilities

We create competitive advantages for our customers at our three research and development facilities.  At our Texas R&D Center, we partner with every business line and offer a full-service analytical laboratory. At our Germany R&D site, we specialize in polypropylene technology and offer catalyst and reaction testing, process innovation and polymerscience. And in California, we give customers access to Chevron’s R&D organization of more than 170 Ph.D. scientists plus more.

Technology Development & Manufacturing CenterTechnology Development & Manufacturing Center
Pasadena, TX

  • Exploratory through Commercial Demonstration Pilot Plants
  • Full Service Analytical Laboratory
  • Proprietary Items Manufacturing Center

Novolen Technology BASF SiteNovolen Technology BASF Site
Ludwigshafen, Germany

  • Polypropylene Technology R&D
  • Catalyst and reaction testing, process innovation, polymer science
  • Close customer interactions for product applications

Chevron Lummus GlobalChevron Lummus Global
Richmond, CA

  • Access to Chevron R&D organization with 170+ PhD scientists
  • “Bottom of the barrel” Upgrading
  • Hydroprocessing & Catalyst R&D
  • Owned and operated by Chevron


Hydrocarbon Processing Awards Best Petrochemical Technology Winner

CDAlky® and OCT

Hydrocarbon Processing Awards Best Gas Processing Technology Winner


Hydrocarbon Processing Awards Best EPC/Licensor/Consultant of The Year Winner

130 Technologies
80 Projects per year

Hydrocarbon Processing Awards Winner

  • Best Petrochemical Technology: BP Paraxylene
  • Best Gas Processing Technology: NGL-MAX


Breakthrough Technology (2016): AlkyClean (EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge)