Meeting today’s demand for SAF

Lummus now offers a commercially available, ethanol-based, sustainable aviation fuel technology that reduces the aviation industry’s GHG emissions.


Expanding our high-value propylene portfolio

Lummus acquires Air Liquide acrylic acid and acrylates technology to offer more integrated, end-to-end solutions.


Achieving excellence

Lummus was recognized by a leading industry media organization for its innovative technologies, projects and people.

Green Circle

Shaping the energy transition

Our innovative culture is developing the technology solutions that will strengthen the circular economy, produce renewable fuels and decarbonize our industry to create a more sustainable future.


Creating the future

R&D is a cornerstone of our success that enables us to create and improve our technologies. With an international team of scientists, technology experts and technicians, and advanced R&D centers, we work to constantly improve each aspect of our technology.


Accelerating the digital transformation

Lummus Digital combines our leading process technology portfolio with TCG Digital’s proven Big Data and AI platform, advancing the digital transformation of the downstream industry.

Technology Solutions

Enhancing performance and reliability

Chevron Lummus Global offers a full spectrum of refining technologies to produce clean fuels and premium base oils plus the most complete bottom-of-the-barrel upgrading solution.

Innovation Applied.
Performance Delivered.

With an unparalleled track record for developing and commercializing new technologies, we are your single source master licensor of proprietary petrochemicals, refining, gasification and gas processing technologies and your single source for comprehensive customer solutions throughout the process facility lifecycle.

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