Residue Cracking

Delayed Coking

Lummus Technology is an industry leader in licensing proprietary technologies to the worldwide hydrocarbon industry. As a licensor of more 90 processes, Lummus Technology knows the entire hydrocarbon value chain and how the various units are interconnected, leading to highly-efficient and integrated designs. 

With more than 70 years of experience in the design and operation of delayed coking units, Lummus Technology continues to focus on providing safe and environmentally sound designs that offer the reliability and flexibility demanded by our clients to meet their challenges in a complex refining environment. 

We have experience with a wide range of petroleum and non-petroleum based feedstocks, including: 

  • Whole crude
  • Atmospheric residue
  • Vacuum residue
  • Visbroken residue
  • Solvent deasphalted pitch
  • Hydrocracked feedstock
  • Oil sands bitumen
  • Pyrolysis tar
  • Decant oils
  • Coal tar pitch
  • Solvent refined coal

Lummus Technology is a pioneer in developing processes to produce specialty grades of coke: 

  • Anode, needle and fuel grade coke
  • More than eight patents on needle coke process development
  • Coal tar pitch technology (10 units designed, four units operating)
  • Two-step coking (three units designed, two units operating)

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