Creating the Future

Research and development is a cornerstone of our success and what enables us to create new and extended platforms and improve our technologies. At our three strategically located R&D Centers, our international team of highly-qualified scientists, product experts and laboratory technicians work to improve each aspect of our technology.

Three State-of-the-Art R&D Facilities

We create competitive advantages for our customers at our three research and development facilities.  At our Texas R&D Center, we partner with every business line and offer a full-service analytical laboratory. At our Germany R&D site, we specialize in polypropylene technology and offer catalyst and reaction testing, process innovation and polymerscience. And in California, we give customers access to Chevron’s R&D organization of more than 170 Ph.D. scientists.

Technology Development & Manufacturing CenterTechnology Development & Manufacturing Center
Pasadena, TX

  • Exploratory through Commercial Demonstration Pilot Plants
  • Full Service Analytical Laboratory
  • Proprietary Items Manufacturing Center

Novolen Technology BASF SiteNovolen Technology BASF Site
Ludwigshafen, Germany

  • Polypropylene Technology R&D
  • Catalyst and reaction testing, process innovation, polymer science
  • Close customer interactions for product applications

Chevron Lummus GlobalChevron Lummus Global
Richmond, CA

  • Access to Chevron R&D organization with 170+ PhD scientists
  • “Bottom of the barrel” Upgrading
  • Hydroprocessing & Catalyst R&D
  • Owned and operated by Chevron


Licensor of the Year 2022

Leon de Bruyn, President and CEO
Executive of the Year 2021

Green Circle

Single Regenerator Dual Catalyst (SRDC)

Indmax FCC Technology

Hydrocarbon Processing Awards Best Petrochemical Technology WinnerCDAlky® and OCT

Hydrocarbon Processing Awards Best Gas Processing Technology WinnerBenz-Free®

Hydrocarbon Processing Awards Best EPC/Licensor/Consultant of The Year Winner130 Technologies
80 Projects per year

Hydrocarbon Processing Awards Winner

  • Best Petrochemical Technology: BP Paraxylene
  • Best Gas Processing Technology: NGL-M


Breakthrough Technology (2016): AlkyClean (EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge)

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