Process Technologies

Natural Gas Processing

Patented gas processing technology and proprietary know-how developed by Lummus Technology are used in more than 200 natural gas plants around the world. Many of the innovations we have developed, like the use of plate-fin exchangers and packings in cryogenic columns, remain today as standard designs in the industry. We have a broad technology portfolio—including gas conditioning and treating, fractionation, deep ethane extraction and LPG recovery, and liquid product treating—enabling us to offer solutions across the natural gas value chain. 

Gas Processing Technologies

From conceptual design through commissioning and operator training, we deliver reliable and energy-efficient solutions across the entire natural gas value chain. A proven industry leader, since 1970, we have been awarded more than 300 gas plant projects, providing in excess of 26 BSCFD of gas processing capacity worldwide with capacities ranging from 10 to 1,200 MMSCFD. We combine our broad technology profile together with innovations that remain as standard industry designs today, such as including plate-fin exchangers and packed cryogenic columns, remain as standard industry designs.