Gas Processing Technologies

Gas Conditioning & Treating / CO2 Removal / Recovery

Lummus Technology’s Randall Gas natural gas processing technologies include extensive gas conditioning and treating capabilities, including the removal of mercury, CO2 and H2S from gas streams. We also have extensive experience and know-how for CO2 enhanced oil recovery and CO2 recovery from flue gas. 

Gas Conditioning and Treating

  • Lummus Technology has completed more than 200 gas conditioning and treating systems, most of which were gas processing facilities. Gas feed rates range from 10 to 500 MMSCFD and amine circulation rates from 30 to 4,000 GPM.
  • Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of gas sweetening technologies. We’ve designed acid gas removal plants using a variety of solvents, including MEA, MDEA, DGA, DEA and enhanced MDEA.
  • We can build plants that achieve extremely low concentrations, as low as 50ppm of CO2, often eliminating the need for further treatment in low temperature cryogenic facilities. 


  • Lummus Technology has extensive experience in the design and construction of both absorption and adsorption gas dehydration systems.
  • We have completed more than 250 gas dehydration systems.
  • Our absorption systems most commonly use glycol (TEG) with capacities ranging from 2 to 150 GPM.
  • Our adsorption systems most commonly use molecular sieve, silica gel or alumina beds with capacities up to 1 billion ft3/d.
  • Our experienced molecular sieve units have also been used to remove trace amounts of H2S, mercaptans and CO2.

CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) – Ryan Holmes

  • Utilizing in-house and Ryan Holmes technologies, we have designed, fabricated and installed five facilities to extract and sequester CO2 for enhanced oil recovery. Feed rates ranged from 15 to 50 MMSCFD with 35-85% CO2.
  • In addition to CO2 recovery, the projects included dehydration, NGL recovery and high-pressure compression and/or pumping of the CO2 to be delivered for reinjection at pressures up to 4400 psig.

CO2 Recovery from Flue Gas

  • Lummus Technology uses its own proprietary technology to recover up to 97% CO2 from power plant (coal, oil or NG) flue gas.
  • Operating facility capacities of 2 to 800 TPD CO2, and we have completed studies with up to 10,000 TPD CO2.

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