Gas Processing Technologies

High Ethane Extraction & LPG Recovery

Lummus Technology has pioneered technical developments and design innovations that contributed to establishing the cryogenic turbo-expander process as the technology of choice for deep ethane and LPG recovery from natural gas. 

Our commitment in maintaining our technology has resulted in a continuing reduction of the energy utilization and installed costs for cryonic processes. Many of these innovations, like the use of plate-fin exchangers and packing in cryogenic columns, remain today as standard designs in the industry. 

Today, we have a wide portfolio of patented Randall Gas designs for high ethane, propane and LPG extraction and recovery. These include: 

High Ethane Recovery – NGL-MAXSM

The process uses semi-lean and lean reflux to achieve high ethane recovery of 99+% from natural gas streams. NGL-MAX has higher efficiency than open art GSP type processes, requiring less compression power for recompression.

High Propane Recovery – LPG-MAXSM

This dual column, turbo-expander process recovers 99+% C3 from natural gas streams. A simplified scheme, without reflux, is available with reduced capital costs but only 93-95% propane recovery. Depending on market conditions, the process can also be configured for partial ethane recovery.

High Propane Recovery – HPASM

The HPA technology is a variation to the LPG-MAX technology with the adsorber column running at high pressure to reduce residue compression. Propane recovery is 99+%. 

High Propane Recovery – IPORSM

This process is a high-efficiency, refrigeration process that recovers up to 99+% C3 with essentially no C2 recovery. The design utilizes a conventional closed loop propane refrigeration cycle and an open loop ethane-rich mixed refrigeration cycle.

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