Gas Processing Technologies

LNG Liquefaction / Feed Gas Pretreatment

Lummus Technology has developed proprietary liquefaction and feed gas pretreatment technologies. We have patented designs for mid-size, floating natural gas liquefaction systems and feed gas pretreatment for the removal of potential freeze components such as benzene, toluene, xylene and other aromatic cyclic compounds.

Liquefaction Technology

The NicheLNG® technology uses a closed loop nitrogen and open loop methane cycle which eliminates the need for storage of individual hydrocarbon components onsite. This process was developed primarily for offshore applications where volatile liquid storage may be an issue. There have been two patents issued for this technology.

Pretreatment Technology

This technology was developed for removal of cyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds from feed gas going to liquefaction units. The technology is based on modification and adaptation of our other proven gas processing technologies such as LPG-MAXSM.

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