Modular PSA Recovery

PSA Adsorber Vessels

PSA adsorber vessels have evolved very significantly in the past two decades based on field experience and improved capabilities in material processing and computer aided engineering. Adsorber vessels designed and built by Lummus Technology are highly engineered, precision-crafted products that work with our adsorbent and cycle technology to yield a high-performance, durable system. 

Lummus Technology's technological know-how and capabilities in computer-aided engineering and design assure that new and replacement PSA adsorber vessels are optimized for mechanical stress and flow distribution. Every Lummus Technology adsorber vessel comes with complete finite element analysis design validation in accordance with ASME Code requirements. Furthermore, we never use commodity-grade material in our PSA vessels. Every client’s PSA adsorbers are made from steel meeting Lummus Technology's strict quality and compositional standards. 

When considering replacement of one or more PSA adsorber vessels which have reached their end of life or have failed due to fatigue cracking, it is important to consider whether duplicates of the outdated original design are the best investment. 

  • As innovators in steel vessel fabrication, Lummus Technology invented many of the critical elements of modern, cyclic pressure vessels.
  • As premier fabricators, we have designed and built many PSA vessels for plants using other suppliers' PSA cycle technology.
  • Our craftsmen possess unmatched ability in forming, fitting, joining, finishing, heat treating and inspection of steel plate vessels.

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