Process Technologies

Complementary Technologies (Aromatics Production)

The following licensed technologies can bring added value by supplementing or upgrading by-products from the primary aromatics production processes:

Pyrolysis/Steam Cracking

Lummus Technology’s proprietary ethylene steam cracking process is the most widely-applied process for the production of polymer grade ethylene, polymer grade propylene and butadiene. The process is noted for its performance, including high product yield and energy-efficiency, low investment cost and operating reliability.

E-Gas Plus® Technology for Coal, Petcoke & Resid Conversion

Using our E-Gas™ technology as the basis while adding residue injection into the first stage and co-gasifying the coke or coal slurry, our E-Gas Plus® technology produces syngas and steam from petroleum coke or coal and residues coming from refinery processes. The resulting syngas is processed further, heat energy in the syngas is recovered as high-pressure steam, then sulfur and other impurities are removed. The clean, sweet syngas produced can be used as fuel gas for power generation, or further processed to generate hydrogen, synthetic natural gas, methanol, liquid motor fuels or many other chemicals.

Modular PSA Recovery

Building on a track record of over 100 Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) units since 1969, Lummus Technology is your full-range supplier of adsorption-based gas separation plants for hydrogen, helium and other high-value gases.