Aromatics Production

PYROTOL® Hydrodealkylation of Pyrolysis Gasoline

Our dealkylation technologies (DETOL®, LITOL® and PYROTOL®) produce high purity benzene from any aromatics-rich feedstock. The yield of benzene from the higher homologs is nearly stoichiometric. Each technology is designed specifically for the feedstock to be processed. There are three basic sources of aromatics-rich feeds that can be converted to benzene. The catalysts for DETOL, LITOL and PYROTOL are produced by our partner Clariant, a leading company in the development of process catalysts.

DETOL process: converts alkyl aromatics in the C7 to C10 range. Also converts C9-C10 aromatic concentrates to C8 aromatics. Mainly requires hydrodealkylation.

LITOL process: converts C6 to C9 by-products from the coking of coal. Mainly requires desulfurization and smaller amounts of hydrodealkylation and hydrocracking of non-aromatics.

PYROTOL process: converts C6 to C9 fraction of pyrolysis liquids obtained as a by-product of ethylene production. More hydrocracking of non-aromatics than the LITOL process, but a smaller amount of desulfurization, as well as a comparable amount of hydrodealkylation.


  • High aromatic selectivity
  • Single step process
  • Lower operating temperature than thermal processes
  • No coking in heat exchange system
  • Extremely high product purity
  • Feedstock flexibility

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