Butadiene/Butylene Production

CATADIENE® n-Butane Dehydrogenation to Butadiene

The CATADIENE® dehydrogenation process is a reliable, proven route for the production of 1,3 butadiene from n-butane or a mix of n-butane and n-butenes. Lummus Technology has exclusive worldwide licensing rights to this technology. The catalyst is produced by Clariant, a leading company in the development of process catalysts. CATADIENE is the only commercial technology available for on-purpose production of n-butylenes and butadiene from n-butane. Due to its superior thermodynamic operating conditions of vacuum and lower temperature for reactors, CATADIENE provides the highest conversion and selectivity for conversion of n-butane to n-butylenes and butadiene. The CATADIENE process employs multiple reactors operating in a cyclic manner with an automated program so that the flow of process streams is continuous. The CATADIENE unit can be operated to co-produce butylenes and butadiene or to produce only butadiene. There are two CATADIENE plants operating in Russia producing about 270 kta butadiene. 


The CATADIENE process uses single stage of reaction while providing the following benefits: 

  • Reliable and robust operation—high on-stream factor
  • High n-butane conversion (>38%) and selectivity to n-butylenes (>80%) and butadiene (>65%)—lower investment and operating cost
  • Lowest raw material consumption
  • Raw material flexibility/feed purity—no feed pretreatment needed
  • Higher hydrogen yield
  • Quicker time to start up and make products (initial and re-starts)
  • Easier and shorter turnarounds
  • Highest single train capacity designs (up to 125 kta butadiene)—economy of scale
  • Non-noble metal catalyst
  • Simple CS metallurgy for reactors
  • No proprietary equipment
  • No catalyst make-up
  • No chlorine handling/caustic scrubbing
  • No hydrogen recycle or steam dilution

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