Proprietary Supply (Ethylene Production)

SRT® Ethylene Furnaces

Lummus Technology has developed a state-of-the-art pyrolysis furnace in response to the growing ethylene demand. The first generation of the pyrolysis heater—called SRT-I (Short Residence Time)—was developed in the mid-1960s. Since then, seven generations of SRT® pyrolysis furnaces have been commercialized. The most widely-selected SRT furnaces include SRT-III, SRT-V, SRT-VI and SRT‑VII. Lummus Technology has built more ethylene furnaces than any other ethylene process licensor, representing more than 40% of worldwide capacity. The SRT furnace is well-known for its reliability in capacity, yield, run-length and energy efficiency. 

In cooperation with SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK-ARVOS, Lummus Technology developed the proprietary transfer line exchangers “Bath Tub” and “Quick Quencher.” Both provide quick quench to the cracking effluent for high ethylene yield and extended TLE run-length. Lummus Technology uses best available burner technology to minimize flue gas emissions. In addition, we apply proprietary burner firing configuration using integral hearth burner and wall stabilization tips to improve heat flux and flame quality, if needed. Many SRT designs feature gas turbine integration with the furnace to significantly improve the plant energy balance and efficiency.

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