Process Technologies

Polypropylene Production

Novolen LogoLummus Novolen® Technology licenses the gas-phase polypropylene process worldwide on the basis of Ziegler-Natta and metallocene catalysts for the production of a full range of polypropylene resins. This reliable and versatile process produces products meeting the requirements of the most demanding applications, while maintaining a strong focus on health, safety and environmental issues. The gas-phase process features lower total installation costs (TIC) and is very competitive in cash production costs.

Lummus Technology's on-purpose technologies for the production of polymer grade propylene, such as CATOFIN® dehydrogenation and Olefins Conversions Technology (OCT), allows licensors all over the world to benefit from the synergies provided when combining those in-house technologies with Novolen’s polypropylene technology.

Performance Characteristics

The Novolen technology gas-phase process utilizes one or two identical vertical gas-phase stirred bed reactors. Homopolymers and random copolymers can be manufactured either in a single reactor or in a reactor cascade with two reactors, depending on the required capacity and product range. Alternatively, two reactors can be operated in parallel to achieve higher capacities for a single train plant and to produce bimodal resins. A cascade reactor configuration is required for the production of impact copolymers, whereas in the first reactor a propylene homopolymer (or random copolymer) matrix is polymerized and in the second reactor the ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) is produced. Independent from the configuration chosen, all reactors are identical in design, size and material.

Our advanced Novolen VRC® reactors allow for choosing between a parallel and cascade reactor configuration without any downtime. This concept provides you with ultimate flexibility.


Simplified Novolen Process Schemes


Parallel Configuration (homo, random)


Cascade Configuration (homo, random, impact)PROCESS_FLOW_CASCADE_CONFIGURATION-(1).jpg

Verdene™ Technology

The Verdene™ Technology is a suite of process technologies based on bio-ethanol feedstock to produce bio-based polymers and petrochemicals.

Novolen® Gas-Phase Process

The Novolen® gas-phase process features an exceptional cost/performance ratio. Due to the simplicity of the gas-phase process, the capital expenditures for inside battery limits (ISBL) of a Novolen technology process plant are the lowest in the industry.

Metallocene Technology

Metallocene homopolymer and copolymer grades represent the diversity of our product development, offering new opportunities in both established polypropylene applications and in new market segments.

Catalyst Solutions

Lummus Technology operates a fully-equipped research and development (R&D) center for catalyst and polymer innovation in Ludwigshafen, close to our offices in Mannheim, Germany.

Product Range

Lummus Technology's Novolen® technology products meet the market requirements for all general applications to the highest possible standards.


Lummus Technology offers full solutions for polypropylene plants. This includes technology, integration with upstream technologies, basic engineering, training services, pre-marketing, catalyst and product off-take.

Research & Development

Lummus Technology operates a Research & Development center for polypropylene technology at the BASF Verbund site in Germany, where laboratory preparation and semi-commercial product application and testing are conducted.

Novolen Extended Support Services

Lummus Technology is committed to maintaining a sustainable relationship with each of our licensees. We care about our licensees’ business and we readily support and share our expertise.