Styrenics / Phenolics / Carbonates Production


The Versalis/Lummus Technology cumene process produces cumene by alkylation of benzene with propylene. It is based on Versalis’ proprietary zeolite catalyst PBE-1, which has been used in commercial operation since the late 1990s. PBE-1 has a higher selectivity to cumene than other common zeolite catalysts, and is equally effective for alkylation of benzene as well as the transalkylation of polyisopropylbenzenes to cumene. It is noncorrosive, regenerable and environmentally friendly.


  • Product yield of 99.7 wt% 
  • High activity and selectivity with minimal formation of by-product impurities 
  • Cumene purity can be 99.95% or higher 
  • Extremely tolerant to feed poisons 
  • Proven run-lengths of over five years 
  • Low investment and plant maintenance costs 
  • Low energy costs 
  • Feedstock flexibility—can also use chemical or refinery grade propylene feed

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