Styrenics / Phenolics / Carbonates Production

Dimethyl Carbonate

The Versalis/Lummus Technology dimethyl carbonate (DMC) process produces dimethyl carbonate by the oxidative carbonylation of methanol. It avoids the safety and waste product issues associated with conventional phosgene-based DMC processes. The CO2 produced can be sent to a CO generation unit and recycled back to the process. This environmentally safe process produces high purity product and can be applied to large capacity plants. Since Lummus Technology also offers the Versalis/Lummus Technology diphenyl carbonate (DPC) process, there are opportunities for energy integration as well when both DMC and DPC are produced. Versalis/Lummus Technology also offers high purity dimethyl carbonate (HDMC) technology to produce 99.99% pure DMC. HDMC is generally used for lithium ion batteries.


  • Single step reaction
  • Easily available raw materials, no use of phosgene
  • No dangerous intermediates or by-products
  • Commercially available catalyst, normally no catalyst consumption
  • Can be designed for high capacities
  • Extensive heat integration, low energy consumption
  • Low investment cost

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