Styrenics / Phenolics / Carbonates Production

Diphenyl Carbonate

The Versalis/Lummus Technology diphenyl carbonate (DPC) process produces diphenyl carbonate by reacting dimethyl carbonate with phenol. By-product methanol can be recycled to upstream dimethyl carbonate production. There are no environmental or corrosion issues. Since Lummus Technology also offers the Versalis/Lummus Technology dimethyl carbonate (DMC) process, there are opportunities for energy integration as well when both DMC and DPC are produced.


  • High DPC product purity, suitable for high quality polycarbonate production
  • No use of chlorinated compounds, environmentally safe, no corrosion
  • High phenol conversion per pass, low recycle flows
  • Commercially available catalyst
  • Can be designed for high capacities
  • Extensive heat integration, low energy consumption
  • Low investment cost

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