Styrenics / Phenolics / Carbonates Production


The Versalis/Lummus Technology phenol process utilizes advanced technology for the air oxidation of cumene followed by acid-catalyzed decomposition to phenol and acetone. This state-of-the-art technology minimizes heavy by-product formation and maximizes conversion, which improves overall yield while providing smooth, reliable and safe operation. The process features flexible, integrated wastewater and vent gas treatment systems, allowing the plant to conform to local environmental regulations. The process utilizes the latest control systems and operates smoothly, at high yields and low cost, with flexibility and minimal effect on the environment. Maximum heat integration is provided to minimize energy input.


  • Safe wet oxidation with high yield, enhanced selectivity and minimum reactor volume
  • Low electric power consumption
  • Advanced cleavage technology with latest process control and advanced shutdown systems
  • Vent gas treatment and primary wastewater treatment
  • Highest purity phenol with low carbonyl content
  • Acetone product with long permanganate time, low water and benzene content—pharmaceutical grade option available
  • Low investment and plant maintenance costs

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