Styrenics / Phenolics / Carbonates Production

Styrene Monomer

The Lummus Technology/UOP CLASSIC SM technology has earned the reputation for being one of the most modern, efficient and reliable processes for the production of styrene monomer (SM). The CLASSIC SM process is well-known in the industry for its deep vacuum/adiabatic EB dehydrogenation technology and demonstrated high-mechanical integrity. The unique dehydrogenation reactor system is designed to operate at the most cost-effective, minimal operating pressure for achieving the highest SM selectivities at high conversions. Our ongoing program of catalyst and process development provides clients with technologies that have significant capital and operating cost advantages, as well as world-renowned operating reliability and mechanical integrity. More than 30 commercial plants are in operation worldwide.


The Lummus Technology/UOP CLASSIC SM technology, based upon its unique dehydrogenation reactor system with integrated design and operating under unique "deep" vacuum/adiabatic conditions, offers numerous process advantages:

  • Substantial recovery of low-level energy without compression—Increases energy savings
  • Unique reactor system achieving high single-pass conversions and high selectivities—Reduces investment/exceptional mechanical reliability
  • Long reactor run-lengths—Maximizes uptime
  • Low steam/hydrocarbon ratio—Lower production cost

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