Process Technologies


Polymer Technologies

Lummus Technology offers a diverse range of technologies to produce polypropylene (PP) using the Novolen® gas phase technology, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) based on the EXCENE™ technology from Texplore, and super absorbent polymer (SAP) technology using the SAPLENE™ process.

Additionally, Lummus Technology’s Verdene™ suite of technologies, based on bio-ethanol conversion to bio-ethylene and/or bio-propylene, offers integrated solutions to produce fully bio-based polymers, such as Verdene™ PP, Verdene™ HDPE and Verdene™ SAP technologies.

Beyond our polymer technologies, we offer licensing, related engineering services through plant startup, and the supply of the NHP® polymerization catalysts for the Novolen PP Technology and EL-CAT™ for the EXCENE HDPE process.

After start-up, we seamlessly support our licensees for the life of the plant through Lummus’ Lifecycle Services. Clients have easy access to process and product expertise to continue optimizing the plant performance, drive process improvements, launch new polymer grades, and engage in on-going training, seminars and more.

We also offer digital solutions on operations through Lummus Digital to maximize your economic benefits. From monitoring and analysis to safety and staff decision making, Lummus Digital can provide insights into the complexity of feedstock and utility supply, plant operations, inventory management and sales, allowing you to quickly adapt operations to take advantage of changing market dynamics.

EXCENE and EL-CAT are trademarks of Texplore Company Limited.


Lummus Technology offers full solutions for polymer plants. This includes technology, integration with upstream technologies, basic engineering, training services, pre-marketing, catalyst supply and product off-take.

Catalyst Solutions

Lummus Technology operates a fully equipped R&D center for catalyst and polymer innovation that delivers solutions and valuable product offerings for our licensees

Research & Development

Lummus Technology operates a Research & Development center for polymer technology at the BASF Verbund site in Germany, where laboratory preparation and semi-commercial product application and testing are conducted.

Polymer Lifecycle Services

Lummus Technology offers a tailored ongoing services agreements covering a polymer licensees’ technology, product and application development support services, technical, safety and strategic marketing needs along with the lifetime commitment to serve our licensees.

Novolen PP Technology

The NOVOLEN® gas phase polypropylene (PP) technology is used to produce the full range of PP resins of homopolymer, random copolymer, terpolymer and impact copolymer + TPO. This reliable, versatile and environmentally clean process makes products meeting the requirements of even the most demanding applications.

EXCENE HDPE Technology

The EXCENE™ HDPE technology uses in the central part of the process two agitated slurry-phase polymerization reactors equipped with a polymerization heat removal system.

Saplene SAP Technology

The Saplene™ super absorbent polymer technology is part of a specialized group of acrylic-acid based materials that can absorb large amounts of fluids and retain it, even under pressure. Super absorbent polymers find their main use in a variety of consumer hygiene applications.

Verdene Technology

The Verdene™ Technology is a suite of process technologies based on bio-ethanol feedstock to produce bio-based polymers and petrochemicals.