Process Technologies

EXCENE HDPE Technology

EXCENE HDPE Technology

EXCENE™ HDPE technology uses in the central part of the process two agitated slurry-phase polymerization reactors equipped with a polymerization heat removal system.

The reactors are operated in cascade mode to produce products with a broad molecular weight distribution (Broad MWD) and well-controlled reverse comonomer incorporation, or in parallel mode for a narrow MWD.

Features and Benefits

Competitive CAPEX
  • No catalyst activation unit required
  • Compact two-reactor system
  • Efficient cooling system
  • No blow-down system

Lowest OPEX
  • Low net monomer consumption by effective monomer recovery
  • Low energy consumption equals low equivalent CO2 emissions
  • ost-efficient high-yield EL-CAT™ single catalyst

Excellent operability and reliability
  • Reliable process with excellent reactor control
  • No reactor fouling
  • Excellent powder flowability

Superior product quality
  • Excellent bimodality control by superior hydrogen management
  • Oligomer-free
  • Swift grade transitions

Additional Advantages

  • Good safety track record, no major incidents
  • Short and easy turn-around maintenance
  • Leading world-scale design capacity: up to 600 kta available
  • Integration opportunities with Lummus Technology’s upstream monomer technologies

Simplified Block Flow Diagram

Simplified Block Flow Diagram

Ethylene (and comonomer, where required) and hexane diluent are fed into the reactor(s). Hydrogen is added to control the molecular weight. Polymerization conditions (e.g., temperature, pressure and reactant concentrations) are controlled at target levels depending on the polymer grade to be produced.

Catalyst (consisting of a fine porous powder) is injected and grows into polyethylene powder product within the hexane slurry. The slurry is circulated and well mixed by a top-mounted agitator. The reaction is exothermic, and cooling is achieved by external slurry coolers, combined with condensing of reactor gas, which is injected into the reactor.

The polymer and hexane slurry is discharged from the reactor(s) and separated in a combination of a centrifugal and rotary dryer. The polymer is added to and pelletized in an extruder, while the hexane “mother liquor” is sent for separation of low molecular weight PE and hexane (which is recycled back to the process).

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Polyethylene Production

Lummus Technology offers EXCENE™ technology to produce a complete range of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins, including products.