Process Technologies

Clean Fuels

Our portfolio of refining technologies provides the most complete bottom-of-the-barrel upgrading solutions for our customers, including hydroprocessing, reformulated fuels and high octane blending components.

Clean Fuels

Lummus Technology provides a fully-integrated package of advanced process technologies and a complete spectrum of engineering, procurement and fabrication services for the refining industry. We offer solutions for clean fuels production, including low sulfur gasoline and diesel, to meet increasingly stringent environmental standards.

Integrated Refining & Petrochemical Production

Lummus Technology has unique technology offerings for an integrated refining and petrochemical complex that provide the best technical and most economic solutions. The process scheme involves a center piece Indmax FCC unit integrated with ARDS for feed treating and metathesis for maximizing petrochemicals and/or high octane gasoline in the following way.

Propane/Butane Upgrading

Propane and butane are excellent feedstocks for ethylene plants, producing valuable products such as hydrogen, propylene, butadiene in addition to ethylene. Propane and butane can also be upgraded to hydrogen and propylene or hydrogen and butylene/butadiene via on-purpose dehydrogenation in a plant using Lummus Technology’s CATOFIN® and/or CATADIENE® technology.

Residuum Upgrading

Residuum upgrading, or hydroconversion, involves hydrogen addition to residua from crude/vacuum distillation to produce low sulfur, higher-quality products. Chevron Lummus Global, a joint venture between Lummus Technology and Chevron U.S.A., Inc., offers several proven technologies for resid upgrading.

Sulfur Processing

Lummus Technology has designed and built Claus sulfur recovery units, amine units, sour water stripping units, Oxygen Injection™ units, liquid sulfur degassing units, tail gas treating units and thermal incineration units around the world.