Process Technologies

Iso-butylene to Alkylate

The presence of high concentrations of isobutylene in alkylation olefin feeds reduces the alkylate product quality and octane value due to its highly reactive nature. Lummus Technology’s CDAlkyPlus® technology couples the CDAlky® alkylation process with a simple olefin pretreatment step when high concentrations of isobutylene are present in the olefin feed. This combination provides significant benefits compared with conventional and direct isobutylene alkylation: 

  • Superior quality product with lower acid consumption
  • Lower capital and utility costs
  • Improved environmental performance by eliminating waste caustic streams 

Because isobutane and isobutylene reacts together, the CDAlkyPlus process produces two times the volume of gasoline blend stock compared with iso-octene production, and therefore is ideal for use downstream of an isobutane dehydrogenation process. The CDAlkyPlus technology also provides a unique opportunity for revamping existing a dehydrogenation unit-based MTBE plant, since much of the existing equipment can be re-used, thereby reducing capital requirements.


The CDAlkyPlus® process combines isobutylene as the only olefin source with isobutane to produce a high quality alkylate product for motor fuel blending.