Process Technologies

Sulfur Processing

Lummus Technology has designed and built Claus sulfur recovery units, amine units, sour water stripping units, Oxygen Injection™ units, liquid sulfur degassing units, tail gas treating units and thermal incineration units around the world.

We offer sulfur recovery units that are highly energy-efficient, providing optimal energy consumption while meeting the most stringent product and emission specifications.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies to assess project viability, schedules, capital expenditures, and operating and maintenance costs
  • Technology packages (schedule “A” packages)
  • Front-end engineering and design (FEED) packages
  • Design engineering applying proven solutions for project-specific requirements
  • HAZOP analyses using expertise developed from a broad base of experience

Aftermarket services

Lummus Technology provides spare parts, replacements, modifications and upgrades post-project. Parts include, but are not limited to, burner tips, burner tiles, sulfur seal legs, tube ferrules and Claus Combustors™. We can expedite quality fabricated parts or equipment in emergency situations.

Tail Gas Treating - Resulf™

Lummus Technology has installed more than 90 tail gas treating units—with capacities from 4 to 800 long tons per day—that employ our patented Resulf™ technology to recover remaining sulfur compounds from the Claus process.