Sulfur Processing

Sulfur Recovery

Lummus Technology specializes in providing effective sulfur control and removal solutions to the global refining industry. 

Many refiners require additional Claus SRU capacity to meeting today’s emission standards, but SRU expansion and additional construction can be costly. Lummus Technology’s patented oxygen enhancement solutions offer refiners a way to optimize the capacity of existing or new Claus plants. 

Improving upon the Claus process

Our oxygen enhancement technologies were developed for the thermal stage of the Claus process. When applied to new SRUs or as retrofits, these enhancements can aid in processing difficult feed streams, increase Claus plant capacity and reduce operating costs while optimizing sulfur recovery. Our oxygen enhancement solutions include: 

  • Our patented Oxygen Injector™, which overcomes the problems associated with high equivalent oxygen levels by directly injecting oxygen into the combustion zone. The device’s patented cooling system virtually eliminates thermal degradation from radiant heat. The Injector can be installed directly into most ring-type burners or can easily be modified for installation into conventional burners. 
  • Our Oxygen Enrichment™ technology, which utilizes an oxygen sparger to introduce a blended oxygen stream into the combustion airline leading to the SRU reaction furnace. This cost-effective solution can be implemented with the addition of oxygen supply equipment, a control skid, the oxygen sparger and associated piping. Modifications to the existing burner are not required. 

Both technologies utilize our patented OxyPac™ advanced modular control system, which regulates the plant’s transition into and out of the oxygen-enhanced mode of operation and reduces oxygen consumption. Claus Units utilizing these innovations reliably remove 95-97% of elemental sulfur from the gas stream. The feedstock can be sent directly to a tail gas treating unit for additional sulfur recovery.

Proprietary and patented equipment

Lummus Technology has several proprietary equipment items that we believe improve the reliability of the SRU and are integral to achieving the desired recovery performance: 

  • Claus Combustor™ Acid Gas Burner—The Claus Combustor is our proprietary burner designed specifically for sulfur recovery unit service. It provides thorough mixing of the air and acid gases for high combustion efficiency and complete ammonia destruction, and is suitable for oxygen-enhanced modes of operation.
  • SulfSep™ Sulfur Entrainment Separator—The SulfSep sulfur entrainment separator is a vane-style impingement separator specifically designed to minimize sulfur carryover from sulfur plant condenser plenums. It has a removal efficiency of 100% of droplets 10 to 13 microns and larger. Each Lummus Technology SRU is equipped with one of these devices in each condensing pass.
  • Degassing Spray Nozzles—Lummus Technology’s proprietary spray nozzles are used in our liquid sulfur degassing system. They are designed to promote mechanical agitation of the sulfur to facilitate removal of the dissolved H2S.

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