Digital Solutions to Maximize Your Assets

Lummus Technology leverages our best in class technology portfolio, strategic partnerships and the latest developments in data analytics, cloud computing and connectivity to offer digital solutions for asset optimization, operations troubleshooting, and forecasting critical maintenance needs. We help clients bring clarity to the data, leading to actionable insights and minimizing the guesswork in planning while reducing the subjectivity of human interpretation of data trends.

In 2020, Lummus Technology and TCG Digital formed a joint venture called Lummus Digital. The joint venture works with Lummus’ existing customers and potential customers to implement digital solutions to their refining, petrochemical and gas processing assets and across the hydrocarbon processing value chain. 

Our digital solutions are designed to: maximize economic benefit through digitalization; ensure operators and technicians have the insight to maximize efficiency and reliability of their operations and assets; improve safety and decision making of management and operating staff; and provide flexibility to quickly adapt operations to take advantage of changing market dynamics.

Visit Lummus Digital's website to learn more about how the joint venture can help digitalize your operations and assets.

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