Driving The Energy Transition

The energy industry has gone through many significant changes over the years, and for more than 110 years Lummus has always been at the forefront of these transformations. Today, our industry is experiencing a structural change, shifting to cleaner, more sustainable solutions. And with its innovation focus and partnerships, Lummus is poised to play a leading role in the energy transition.

Green Circle

Lummus’ business entity, Green Circle LLC, concentrates and expands the company’s capabilities to capture new opportunities in the energy transition and circular economy.

Hydrogen & Synthesis Gas

Lummus Technology is a leading supplier of hydrogen and synthesis gas plants for refinery, petrochemical and other industrial gas applications.


At Lummus, we provide an environmentally superior, safe and highly efficient process to produce syngas for power generation, SNG, hydrogen, or chemical production from a range of solid fuels. For nearly 30 years, through our E-Gas™ gasification technology, we have delivered one of the cleanest, most efficient commercial processes for converting coal or petroleum coke into a hydrogen rich synthesis gas.