Driving A More Sustainable, Low Carbon Future

At Lummus Technology, we're your trusted partner in helping you achieve your sustainability goals. We are committed to enabling our customers make a positive impact on the environment. For more than 115 years, we have been at the forefront in creating transformative process technologies that improve refining and petrochemical facility operations in efficient and sustainable ways.

Your Sustainability Partner
  • Innovative solutions: We offer cutting-edge technologies that reduce emissions and improve resource efficiency, helping you meet your sustainability targets
  • Reducing carbon footprint: Our solutions enable the transition to cleaner energy sources, reducing your carbon footprint
  • Resource efficiency: We optimize resource usage and minimize waste, driving sustainability and cost-effectiveness

Collaborative Success
We work closely with our customers to develop tailored strategies that align with their sustainability objectives. Our track record of success in diverse industries showcases our ability to deliver meaningful results.

Achieving Sustainability Together
Join us in creating a sustainable future. Explore how our technologies and expertise can empower your journey towards a greener, more sustainable world.

From lower emissions and energy efficiency to circular products production, renewable feedstocks, renewable fuels and more, Lummus Technology is here to support your sustainability endeavors.

Green Circle

Lummus’ business entity, Green Circle LLC, concentrates and expands the company’s capabilities to capture new opportunities in the energy transition and circular economy.

Hydrogen & Synthesis Gas

Lummus Technology is a leading supplier of hydrogen and synthesis gas plants for refinery, petrochemical and other industrial gas applications.


At Lummus, we provide an environmentally superior, safe and highly efficient process to produce syngas for power generation, SNG, hydrogen, or chemical production from a range of solid fuels. For nearly 30 years, through our E-Gas™ gasification technology, we have delivered one of the cleanest, most efficient commercial processes for converting coal or petroleum coke into a hydrogen rich synthesis gas.