Green Circle

Green Circle

Lummus’ business entity, Green Circle LLC, concentrates and expands the company’s capabilities to capture new opportunities in the energy transition and circular economy. Green Circle is a leader in providing economically and technically sound solutions to: process solid wastes containing plastics; process various renewable bio-based feedstocks to value-added chemicals, polymers and fuels; decarbonize refinery and petrochemicals assets; and expand production of green and blue hydrogen and biofuels.

Lummus New Hope Plastics Pyrolysis

A key piece of the energy transition is the circular economy. In the circular economy of our industry, Lummus licenses a leading plastic waste conversion technology based on thermal pyrolysis that will help reduce plastic waste through integrated processing solutions for turning end-of-life plastics into pyrolysis oil.

Water and Wastewater Technologies

Lummus Technology takes on difficult wastewater treatment problems for operators with its Zimpro® wet air oxidation (WAO) and the Powder Activated Carbon Technology (PACT®) systems, tailored solutions that can help increase performance, debottleneck, and allow for brownfield retrofits and greenfield opportunities.