Heat Transfer Equipment

Lummus Advanced Breech-Lock Exchanger®

The Lummus Advanced Breech-Lock Exchanger® (LABLEX®) uses Lummus Technology's industry-proven high-pressure heat exchanger closure technology to provide solutions for critical high-pressure and high-temperature services. For over 35 years, the Lummus Advanced Breech-Lock Exchanger has been extensively used in hydroprocessing and hydrogen-rich environments, assuring leak-free performance and easy maintenance. 

The Lummus Advanced Breech-Lock Exchanger consists of a special threaded ring and cover which engages with the exchanger channel to contain pressure. Sealing is achieved with small bolts which can be tightened with normal wrenches during operation to adjust gasket compression loading. This unique and innovative technology eliminates the large channel cover flange and bolting of other conventional high-pressure exchanger designs. There are more than 500 LABLEX exchanger installations in hydroprocessing and other high-pressure and high-temperature processes worldwide. Lummus Technology continues to develop the LABLEX technology to provide the best and safest technology to our customers.

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