Modular PSA Recovery

Replacement Adsorbents

Replacement PSA adsorbents are needed periodically for a variety of reasons. Although older PSA units can often use commodity adsorbents and achieve satisfactory results, replacement with an engineered system of modern adsorbents offers many benefits: 

  • Increased hydrogen purity and/or recovery
  • Increased PSAU capacity
  • Greater capability to remove key impurities such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen
  • Increased tolerance for high feedgas and ambient temperatures 

Lummus Technology works with the same adsorbent manufacturers that produce the top quality materials for our new units to supply replacement adsorbent systems. For many PSA units, this means replacement materials are available from the warehouse on a rapid basis. 

PSA units built before 2000 often suffer from fatigue cracking at an accelerated rate compared with more modern units, as innovations in PSA pressure vessel design in the intervening years have resulted in more durable designs. Lummus Technology can assist you in developing a new bed loading diagram for your existing adsorbers. This would facilitate removal of internal trays and bed supports, which are problematic sources of fatigue cracks. If your vessels are too badly damaged for retrofit, Lummus Technology can also offer redesigned adsorbers with modern flow distribution and bed support in combination with replacement adsorbent materials to yield performance equal to or better than the original design.

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