Ethylene Production

Total Hydrogenation

Lummus Technology's C4/C5 Total Hydrogenation technology is commercially proven with more than 35 years of operating experience with worldwide 24 units in operation or design for total hydrogenation of C4s, C5s or C4/C5 mixture. In the process, C4s or C5s from an ethylene plant, refinery or MTO unit are hydrogenated to convert the contained olefins, acetylenes and dienes to primarily paraffins. The conversion of the olefins, acetylene and dienes is quite high with >99% saturation being readily achieved on the outlet of the Total Hydrogenation Unit (THU). The product from the THU can be used as steam cracker feedstock or be sold as LPG.


The Lummus Technology C4/C5 Total Hydrogenation technology provides near complete saturation of diolefins and olefins with a single reactor. The reactor operates at moderate temperatures to minimize fouling and maximize regeneration run length. The reactor’s even temperature distribution avoids hot spots and ensures long run length between regenerations. Typically, ethylene plant hydrogen is used and does not require a makeup compressor. No recycle gas compressor contributes to the low capital and operating costs.

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