Proprietary Supply (Propylene Production)

Micro-Jet™ Plus Feed Injectors

Lummus Technology's Micro-Jet™ Plus feed injectors achieve superior yields of valuable light products when they replace conventional injectors. Micro-Jet Plus feed injectors are designed with the optimal angle, correct exit velocities and thorough feed/catalyst contact necessary to maximize the performance of the unit. Every injector is spray-tested before installation.

  • Proprietary Micro-Jet Plus injector tip design
  • Flat fan spray pattern
  • Uniform feed contact with catalyst
  • Optimal exit velocity minimizes erosion and catalyst attrition
  • Low oil-side pressure drop
  • Robust and durable



  • Provides high liquid yields and selectivity
  • Instantaneously vaporizes the feed
  • Minimizes thermal cracking to produce less dry gas and delta coke
  • Reduces feed pumping operating costs
  • Lower dispersion steam rate reduces utility costs
  • Nozzle performance maintained even at low turndown rates

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