Styrenics / Phenolics / Carbonates Production


The Lummus Technology/UOP EBOne™ ethylbenzene technology has earned the reputation for being one of the most modern, efficient and reliable processes for the production of intermediate ethylbenzene (EB). The liquid-phase EBOne process uses a fixed-bed UOP zeolite catalyst system, which provides a run-length of three to five years, thus eliminating the need for regeneration equipment. The process has low investment requirements, provides high yields and is energy-efficient. Xylene impurity formation is practically eliminated, resulting in an EB product of excellent quality.

The process enables owners to maintain a safe, reliable, easy-to-operate plant. It has been commercially proven, exhibiting efficient, predictable and stable operation. Use of regenerated catalyst is also commercially proven, exhibiting performance equal to or better than fresh catalyst. Our ongoing program of catalyst and process development provides clients with technologies that have significant capital and operating cost advantages, as well as world-renowned operating reliability and mechanical integrity. More than 30 commercial plants are in operation worldwide.


The liquid-phase Lummus Technology/UOP EBOne™ process represents a major technological step-change to the zeolite catalyst based EB technology. EBOne technology advantages include:

  • Long catalyst run-length with excellent stability—Maximizes plant uptime
  • Highly selective reaction—Insignificant amounts of xylenes are produced, providing highest product quality
  • High yield—Minimizes production cost
  • All carbon steel equipment—Reduces investment

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