Lummus Technology offers full solutions for polymer plants. This includes technology, integration with upstream technologies, basic engineering, training services, pre-marketing, catalyst and product off-take. Our commitment is comprehensive support from the planning phase through plant startup.



For new polymer manufacturers starting sales activities, Lummus Technology offers pre-marketing assistance. This typically comprises arrangements for supply of the intended polymer technology product slate prior to the manufacturing startup of the new licensee’s plant.

The new licensee’s customers will learn about the benefits of all the grades before the startup of the new plant. As an additional support, we can prepare a market study for the respective area.

Integration with Upstream Technologies

Lummus Technology, as the worldwide leader in the licensing of ethylene technology, offers a unique propylene strategy, with four processes aimed at producing or maximizing feedstock from upstream refinery and petrochemical units. They can be considered for an integrated petrochemical complex.

Basic Engineering

We provide a comprehensive basic engineering package and can provide you with the optimal integrated solution at an early stage.

In addition, we are well-experienced in plant revamps, thus increasing the production capacity and/or the products portfolio of your polymer plant.


We offer a broad array of staff training to licensees to meet specific and individual requirements. This includes classroom training in conjunction with practical experience.

  • Training for Shift Supervisors and Operators: Classroom training guided by a comprehensive training manual, followed by work on a dynamic process simulator. The Lummus O3S™ operator training simulator was developed for training purposes to provide a hands-on opportunity in one of our reference plants to educate staff about the operation of a new plant in accordance with our advanced technology.
  • Maintenance Training: Training of maintenance procedures concerning key equipment is provided to the licensees’ maintenance staff through the equipment manufacturers. This training can either be held at the manufacturers’ facilities or during construction at the new plant site. This helps to minimize downtime and thus operational costs.
  • Laboratory Training: This includes a review of the laboratory procedure manual and practical applications in our laboratories. The training allows the licensees’ laboratory staff to perform quality assurance and minimize off-spec product during operation.
  • Application Technology Training: A detailed know-how transfer on product application knowledge will be given to the product R&D and marketing staff. This training ensures that the manufactured product slate always meets the requirements of the envisaged markets, thus providing maximum economic benefits.


To provide and assure good rates of return to any polymer project, a good product off-take strategy is always needed. The heart of this strategy can be a "bankable" pre-project product off-take agreement.

Lummus offers direct licensing of polymers technology. Off-take is handled separately through several smaller companies and trading firms that have direct access to local markets worldwide. As a part of its project development services, Lummus Technology provides our customers a list of potential off-takers and assists in the evaluation of the relevant firms.

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