E-Gas™ Technology for Coal & Petcoke Conversion

Lummus Technology’s E-Gas™ technology produces valuable syngas and steam from petroleum coke or coal. The resulting syngas is processed further, heat energy in the syngas is recovered as high-pressure steam, then sulfur and other impurities are removed. The resultant clean, sweet syngas can be used as fuel gas for power generation, or further processed to generate hydrogen, synthetic natural gas, methanol, liquid motor fuels or many other chemicals.
Hydrogen for a refinery can be produced by shifting the carbon monoxide in the syngas with steam (water) to hydrogen and then using Lummus Technology’s pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to produce pure H2. The sulfur can be recovered from the syngas as elemental or sulfuric acid using Lummus Technology’s sulfur recovery process. The methanol can be used to make olefins with Lummus Technology’s methanol to olefins process. The olefins may be further processed using Lummus Technology’s olefins conversion (OCT) technology. 


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