Water and Wastewater Technologies

PACT Process

Lummus Technology understands the challenges you face as utility and facility managers. Specifically, the issues you contend with as you apply new technology and implement water reuse strategies to reduce the environmental impact of wastewater discharges. That’s why refinery, petrochemical, landfill leachate and chemical production industries, to name a few, rely on our expertise for premier effluent water quality—while complying with stringent regulatory standards and controlling costs. Put our expertise to work for you.

No two water treatment projects are alike, which is why we designed PACT systems with flexibility in mind. From retrofits to new construction, prefabricated units to large-scale, custom-designed systems, PACT systems provide versatile, cost-efficient solutions for the most difficult wastewater treatment challenges. This ensures operational stability—even allowing opportunity for wastewater recovery and beneficial reuse.

As the perception of water shifts from being an abundant resource to being a valuable and often scarce commodity, your water treatment needs may also change. Backed by our wastewater treatment experience, Lummus Technology is ready to support your teams with exceptional value and expertise. And whether your main concern is cost or regulatory compliance, we can work with you from the onset to design the right long-term solution.

• Enhanced treatment of conventional activated sludge processing
• Allows for treatment of high strength or toxic wastewaters that are not compatible with CAS
• Treatment of salty wastewaters such as oxidized spent caustic streams in a dedicated manner so that the remainder of the facility wastewater can be beneficially reused
• Treatment of wastewaters containing heavy metals such as landfill leachate
• Treatment of the most difficult wastewaters to water reuse quality with multiple references achieving discharge COD less than 30 mg/L
• Onsite carbon regeneration using the WAR technology to re-active the carbon and destroy biological solids

• Optimized carbon dose achieves desired effluent quality
• Carbon is dosed directly into the aeration basin
• Minimizes footprint
• Buffers upsets and shock loading
• Controls odor and color
• Available as continuous or batch flow; factory-built or field erected

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