About Lummus

Vision, Mission, Values


Lummus Technology’s Vision is what the organization works toward together, serving as a guide for clarity and inspiration. The company’s vision enables better understanding and execution of our goals and strategies. Our Vision is:

Be the world’s leading process technology and solutions provider


Lummus’ Mission highlights our purpose and why we exist. As a company we know what we do—but our Mission is why we do it. Our new Mission is:

Deliver mission critical process technologies so our customers make products that improve the quality of life for people all over the world


Our Values serve as a compass to help us achieve our Vision and Mission. These values will strengthen our business and, for our clients, prove that we do indeed offer the best technology and technology solutions anywhere in the world. Lummus’ Values are:

Innovation – We continue to build on over a century of innovation and creativity, transforming big ideas into real solutions.

Partnership – We build lasting relationships with our customers, partners and employees to position all stakeholders for success.  

Excellence – We deliver excellence and value in everything we do, and consistently strive to elevate our performance.

Growth – We constantly pursue strategies and initiatives to grow as a company and as individuals.  

Family – We trust each other, collaborate, communicate openly and stand together to unify our people and our business. 

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