Process Technologies


Used to produce a wide range of products including fibers, films and plastic bottles, the most common aromatics are benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTX), which are products of steam crackers and refineries. Xylenes include paraxylene, orthoxylene and metaxylene. Paraxylene is the most important xylene as it is a valuable feedstock in the production of polyester, which is the world’s fastest growing fiber material. Other aromatics can be converted to paraxylene then purified and recovered via an innovative crystallization process. On-purpose production of benzene via hydrodelkylation is possible from pyrolysis gasoline (PYROTOL®), toluene (DETOL®) or coke oven light oils (LITOL®). Benzene is the key feedstock to produce various styrenics and phenolics.

Aromatics Production

Lummus Technology is the exclusive worldwide licensor of a crystallization-based paraxylene technology commercialized by BP that is renowned as the most energy-efficient process for the manufacture of paraxylene offered today.