Process Technologies


Lummus Technology offers an array of commercially well-proven, patented etherification technologies for the production of high-quality ethers. These technologies are based on the unique catalytic distillation (CD) process, which combines reaction and fractionation in a single unit operation, not only reducing investment cost, but allowing reactant conversion beyond equilibrium values. The processes employ the use of an acidic ion exchange resin catalyst in both the reactor and proprietary CD structures referred to as CDModules®.


The CDEthers® process produces a combination of MTBE, TAME and C6/C7 ethers by the catalytic etherification of isobutylene, isoamylene, reactive C6 olefins and reactive C7 olefins with methanol.


Both the CDMtbe® and CDEtbe® technologies are highly-flexible in processing various hydrocarbon feedstocks from the FCC/RFCC and/or steam cracker and dehydrogenation units to meet refinery or petrochemical requirements.


CDTame®/CDTaee® Processes—Tertiary Amyl Methyl Ether (TAME) or Tertiary Amyl Ethyl Ether (TAEE) is formed by the catalytic etherification of isoamylene with either methanol or ethanol.