Process Technologies

Clean Fuels

Our portfolio of refining technologies provides the most complete bottom-of-the-barrel upgrading solutions for our customers, including hydroprocessing, reformulated fuels and high octane blending components. Our state-of-the-art conversion processes - FCC, alkylation, etherification, hydrotreating, and isomerization - produce gasoline blendstocks and high-value petrochemicals including propylene, butenes and high purity isobutylene.

Gasoline Production

In gasoline production, we are uniquely positioned to offer FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) technology that is unmatched in performance, robustness and flexibility. Diesel fuel is used to move consumer goods by rail and ship, to generate power, and to power all types of agricultural and heavy-duty equipment. 

Diesel Production

In a joint venture with Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Lummus Technology provides ISOCRACKING® technology which produces high quality jet and diesel fuels and heavy naphtha suited for catalytic reforming.

Selective Gasoline Desulfurization and Tier 3 Solutions

Our CDHydro®/CDHDS+® technology has been well-proven in the refining industry to reduce sulfur levels in FCC gasoline while maximizing octane retention. We have leveraged this vast commercial experience to develop cost-effective and robust strategies for refiners to comply with the Tier 3 standard, a recent standard that reduces the motor gasoline pool sulfur level down to an average of 10 ppmw in the U.S. 

Gasoline Alkylate Production

Alkylate is a high-octane blending component for motor gasoline. Our CDAlky® gasoline alkylation technology is an advanced sulfuric acid alkylation process that operates at significantly lower temperatures than conventional technology—below 0°C—which favors the formation of the desired product isomer, trimethylpentane. Side reactions are greatly minimized, which also reduces acid consumption rates appreciably. 


We offer a range of commercially well-proven, patented etherification technologies for the production of high-quality ethers based on the unique catalytic distillation (CD) process. This process combines reaction and fractionation in a single unit operation to reduce investment cost, while allowing reactant conversion beyond equilibrium values. 

Residue Desulfurization

Residue desulfurization is a high-pressure catalytic hydrotreating process. Through Chevron Lummus Global (CLG), a joint venture between Lummus Technology and Chevron U.S.A., Inc., we offer a family of residuum conversion technologies and catalysts that help refiners optimize product quality, product yield, run-length, capital investment and operating cost.

Proprietary Supply (Clean Fuels)

Lummus Technology supports our petrochemical and refining technologies with a variety of engineered products that facilitate conversion, enhance productivity and lower production cost.