Process Technologies

Selective Gasoline Desulfurization and Tier 3 Solutions

Gasoline from fluid catalytic crackers (FCCs) must be desulfurized before being blended in the motor gasoline pool due to environmental standards that have been promulgated around the world. The gasoline is highly olefinic which contributes to its excellent octane value. Since hydrodesulfurization and olefins saturation compete for the same reaction sites, we have developed and commercialized technology that greatly improves the selectivity. 

In particular, Lummus Technology's CDHydro®/CDHDS+® technology has been well-proven in the refining industry to reduce sulfur levels in FCC gasoline while maximizing octane retention. Lummus Technology has leveraged this vast commercial experience to develop cost-effective and robust strategies for refiners to comply with the Tier 3 standard, a recent standard that reduces the motor gasoline pool sulfur level down to an average of 10 ppmw in the U.S. 

Another technology, called HDSelect®, also provides a very selective environment for the desulfurization of a light heart cut.