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Tail Gas Treating - Resulf™

Tail Gas Treating

There’s no room for error when it comes to compliance. At Lummus Technology, our customers count on us to deliver efficient and reliable sulfur-recovery systems to meet today’s stringent emissions standards.

We’ve installed more than 90 tail gas treating units—with capacities from 4 to 800 long tons per day—that employ our patented Resulf™ technology to recover remaining sulfur compounds from the Claus process. Able to use nearly any amine, these units meet the 99.9% recovery requirement mandated by most environmental agencies. We also offer proprietary thermal incinerators that combust and destroy tail gases and adsorber vent gases.

Providing tailored tail gas treating solutions

We custom-design our solutions using both proprietary and licensed technologies to meet each customer’s particular requirements. We work with customers to design entirely new tail gas treating systems or to retrofit existing systems.

A full range of sulfer removal services

We provide safe, highly-reliable sulfur removal facilities and also consult with refiners to help them improve existing operations. We can perform anything from a simple capacity operation study to a complex sulfur processing audit.

Offering conceptual design through commissioning and everything in between, we have extensive capabilities to meet any retrofit or new installation need. Our services include front-end treating studies; design engineering; HAZOP analyses; detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication/modularization and construction; and startup, commissioning and operator training performed by our in-house engineering and project staff.

With a full complement of in-house engineering and construction expertise—plus our own fabrication facilities—we ensure that every aspect of a project is carried out according to our high standards. That’s why Lummus Technology is one of the most trusted names in sulfur recovery.

The Resulf family of tail gas treating technologies includes:

  • Resulf-MM™—Reduction/adsorption process that recovers sulfur compounds using virtually any amine. The Resulf-MM process can reliably achieve an overall recovery efficiency of 99%, and the process unit can be easily converted to a Resulf or Resulf-10 process.
  • Resulf™—Reduction/adsorption process that recovers sulfur compounds using virtually any generic MDEA amine. The Resulf process unit can reliably achieve an overall recovery efficiency of 99.8% and can be easily converted to the Resulf-10 process.
  • Resulf-10™—Reduction, adsorption and regeneration process that recovers sulfur compounds using a specialty solvent. The Resulf-10 process can reliably achieve an overall recovery efficiency of 99.99% (less than 10 parts per million H2S in the vent stream).

To help ensure compliance, we also offer a tail gas treating unit that includes a SunDeck™ diverter valve assembly. The SunDeck assembly is a custom-designed valve and control system that provides zero leakage and maintenance shutoff of tail gas flow to the incinerator and tail gas unit.

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